minecarft is down

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who know about this

i did 12 vote(s) 60.0%
MINECRAFT IS DOWN? 10 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. it will be online at 12:00 GMT
  2. Indeed it does, messes up my schedule :(
  3. They did this yesterday. They have a bad habit of doing this when I'm available to play. -.-
  4. they hjate you i guess:p
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  5. back on!!!!
  6. Yips, it is!! :p
  7. How awesome is it that I can sleep through all of this without it affecting me?
  8. Then you are lucky my friend :eek: It usually goes offline when I can play :(
    On a sidenote: Since the grey text thing I'm paranoid as hell and highlight everything I read x(
  9. P.S 12:00 GMT is 7:00 A.M EST
  10. ...Very
  11. I've changed the colour of the site for my computer. It's awesome except for when people write in white. >.<
  12. It's probably not a big thing :)
  13. Here. This is for you.

  14. i spellt minecraft rong i put a v in stread of a c sorry
  15. You cant fix this, it is a minecraft server issue caused by Notch tripping over a creeper and destroying the authentication server used to verify users on verification-enabled servers. In a nutshell, it's down.

    There will be many thankful messages posted here when minecraft is back up, so dont worry, you will know :)
  16. what