Mine one block of wood, get two?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Equinox_Boss, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. I have a huge tree farm and I was mining some trees and I got two blocks of wood instead 1 block. Sometimes three. Is this supposed to happen? I looked on Minewiki buy it didn't say anything about it.

    I'm confused :confused: Is this just me?
  2. Do you use a fortune axe?
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  3. Fortune would not affect it I believe. @ Equinox_Boss, This has happened to other people, glitch.
  4. Nope!
  5. Lucky you!
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  6. Well i dont want to be exploting a glitch :eek:
  7. Since you would be just cutting a tree farm down, i wouldnt count that as exploiting. Exploiting would be constantly using bonemeal on trees to get as much wood as possible:)
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  8. The way I see it you are not exploiting the glitch, you are lucky enough to be on a beneficial side of a glitch. Had the glitch swallowed your log we wouldn't replace it, so I don't think it is fair for us to take a bonus glitch log from you.
  9. I think this happen to me in recent days but haven't really notice until Equinox said about it. Ex I ususally get 14 stacks even of birch logs at my Tree Farm but been getting 14 stacks and half stack so its nothing big i guess :)
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