1. Mine Mart is my new shop that i opened it is @11001.i give jobs for people to do my Shopkeeping,Hunting,Farming or even advertising when i can't be bothered :D.There is cool features to Mine Mart.Like there is an ordering board where you can place orders and i get them for you and leave a chest that is locked for you with the items you ordered and there is another cool feature to Mine Mart you can pay 10 rupees a week to become a member if you do you'll get discounts access to special areas where NO one else will get access to just you and other members.
    Thank you for listening ;)
  2. not related to topic but love your signiture.

    the shop sounds really cool. just wondering ho people can write on the ordering boards without giving away important permissions such as build
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  3. well thank you for reminding me about that.well this is how it works they come in and tell me there order and i put it up on the board (i just didnt say that becuse it would take up lots of boring space) :D
  4. oh and thanks my sig is nyan cat

    (i like your skin:D)
  5. Nice signature clayton ;)
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  6. thanks if you like it you can click the like button :D (you don't have to i just want likes LoL)
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  7. Ninja boy watch this
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  8. LoLZIES! :)
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