Mine Mart Is re-opening after Decades! ( Smp5 )

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How would you like to help Mine Mart Get back up on its Feet!?

I would like to donate to minemart 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I would like to gather supplies for minemart 1 vote(s) 20.0%
I would like to Build/work for minemart 2 vote(s) 40.0%
I would like to do all of the above for Mine Mart! 2 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. Mine Mart the popular shop I own on smp5 is re-opening! after ages of being out of business. Now you people are probably wondering why was it shut down in the first place? well i am guessing you's guys like stories so here is the story.

    One day I came on empire, I was quite a new member and my friend spent all his money and I built a large house. After I built the house I decided it was too big. So I made it into a shop. It started of as a small little as I would describe "Corner Shop" people who where passing buy would just stop in and get what they need. Then my shop started to evolve after ages of work. Me and my builders spent months and months on end finishing it and at one point. My shop became popular. Most people knew about it and went for auctions, when they needed things or a job. Everyone who walked in walked out happy. I tried to make everyone I could make happy, happy. I started being extremley nice to everyone I helped new businessmen who hadn't experinced the world of business, I donated to people and helped give people jobs. So my shop was going good, I was making money and people where happy that was all I wanted. But one tradgic day my masterpiece was...Destroyed. One day one of my new workers came in and decided to suprise me by making a cosy fire in the hall of the workers offices. But sadly he built the fire incorrectly. The next day i came to the shop and all i saw was my shop destroyed by raging fire . I was defistated. After the trechorous accident i gave it all up. I gave all my money away, land, responsiblities and My shop.

    But! Me and My Assistiant have decided to give Business one more SHOT!. But we need you help, You can Vote on the poll above this how you want to help and I will contact you.
    PS: there will be rewards!

    Yours sincerely
    claytonmeercat :D
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  2. Thank you for Reading :) :D :p ;) :cool:
  3. And if we dont want to do anything?
  4. Well you don't do anything but as I sayef there is a reward and helping people is good and nice
  5. I would like to do all of the things in the poll, but only occasionally donate
  6. Thank you very much it will be apreaciated but remember its on smp5 :D
  7. Yeah I'm on their right now. I might not be able to supply logs ASAP. I am working on that right now. Might be able to supply logs very soon (within a month) if my plan goes well
  8. I have an announcement to make to everyone who used the poll please leave a message on the thread so I can contact you :D
  9. /res set firespread false

    I think that works :p
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  10. I am not online I come on at 4:00PM ( UK time ) and if no one is on I leave. But I hope to see you soon like tomorrow at 4:00PM

    PS: on weekends I am online for a MELON Lot longer LoL :D
  11. Lol thanks for that command I didn't think my worker would be that stupid if I was paying maximum wage ( which I was so I guess my plan wasn't FIREPROOF ) D:<
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  12. Hehehe I see what you did there
  13. Oh and guys/Gals when the shop is open I can give jobs out like hi-fives there always room in Mine Mart( well there would be room if it was still there :p )
  14. Oh and guys/Gals when the shop is open I can give jobs out like hi-fives there always room in Mine Mart( well there would be room if it was still there :p )
  15. Whoops double post. Takukegord do you know how you do that? You become A MEERKATBusinessman!!