Mind blown by what some people can build

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  1. Fans of ASOIAF/Game of thrones will enjoy a visit to the website mc.westeroscraft.com.

    They are creating a large-scale (1:200) replica/depiction of Westeros, and have some EPIC medieval building on a monumental scale.


    Great stuff :D
  2. Holy... I don't feel like playing anymore.. :(

    EDIT: Are you sure this is not Assassin's creed? :D
  3. Nope, this is a great project that has been in MC news the world over,
  4. I could build that if I decided not to do anything but play minecraft for the rest of my life
  5. They look more like real life models than ingame pictures. Still immense constructs though.
  6. *faints by the awesomeness of the builds*
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  7. o.o Now that is NICE.

    Lulz at assassin's creed revelations picture :)
  8. I lack the space in EMC do build on this scale :/
  9. That is EPIC!!!!!!!!
  10. Pretty awesome. And I find that suddenly, if you use smooth lighting, everything looks so much better. Also, you may have to remove the IP, it could be considering advertizing.
  11. WOW I wouldn't even know where to start :O But this is very epic :)
  12. I'm speechless, wonder how long to took them to make the locations.

    -side joke-
    ICC-Nice place you have here.
    Head Creator-Thanks, took forever to plan out and build.
    ICC-Well it's missing something.
    Head Creator and Team- What?
    ICC- TNT! BOOM! :p
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  13. Pfft, they totes downloaded that from my SMP2 res's ;)
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  14. If we all worked together and residences are ALOT Bigger EMC can do that :D
    Or No griefers in wild :D
  15. kinda looks like Lego's to me
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  16. Looks awesome,And F*** huge! :)
  17. I think the advertising of this particular project will be allowed, it is a pretty epic medieval build and should be experienced by all minecrafters. (I will edit the OP though, so that it is advertising their project and not merely the IP) ;)
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  18. They used a texture pack.
    Still..... no... just no...
  19. Is there a download link anywhere? I'd like to explore this.