Might not be on much. >.>

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  1. I won't be online much because of school so don't think I will be on durring the week.
    I might be on on weekends a bit.
    School work and all is kinda getting harder and if I get all A, I get new iPod5
  2. Couldn't you have just wrote a status about this instead of making an entire thread about it? :confused:
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  3. Pfft, lucky. Perfect A's for me and not even 10 dollars. :p
  4. I know that exact feeling. D:
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  5. Racist much?
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  6. Pfft, lucky. I have perfect A's in all subjects and high level targets (mostly 6As) for the end of the year i've almost reached already, and I get the odd game on a 90% offer here and there on Steam :p (Therefore meaning about £2 for something supposed to be £20-30 :p)
  7. Speaking from experience :)
  8. Nonono. It wasn't racist. It was a racist joke.. I make jokes like that all the time at school, even sexist stuff, but I mean absolutely none of it. If I honestly was racist, I would have no black friends and i'd also be a little bit of a hypocrite :p
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  9. What this guy said. :)
  10. I get all a's and get free movies because the local video store gives you free movies for every a...
  11. Who will go onto my profile and look at that.
    Maybe we should have a feature of when someone you follow makes a new status you get an alert?
  12. If I get As I can eventually get something big, maybe like a gaming system or something, but usually money. It doesn't even have to be all As.
  13. All you people accepting bribes to get A's... I try to get all A's so I can get a good score when I leave school and get into the course I want to do in Uni. I'll also be kicked out of the house if I don't do well... :p
  14. I'm not particularly rewarded if I get all A's, it's more getting in trouble if I don't. If I get a B it usually doesn't matter but 2+ B's I kinda get in trouble. Yes it's important to do well in school, but not all kids think like that, sometime I really want to try my best, other times not so much.

    Like I said I'm not one who gets a pre-reward; like "If you get all A's this time we'll buy you a game" but let's say I'm doing good in sports and I've got good grades at the same time, then I might get something. But it's not something set in stone so yeah..
  15. Is uni a university... of a certain state?
  16. Not everyone can see that. Only the people I Follow, i wanted most people to see.
    Some people here I am not following. I just wanted the Public to know. No need to make it such a big deal.