Might as well introduce myself.

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  1. Hello Men, Lady s, Brandop123! I, am Mrlegitislegit! I own The Dye and Seed Shoppe on SMP3. I also am selling some condos. (PM if you would like one) I started playing MC around 3 months ago.
    Before MC, I played a game called Roblox, NEVER going back, mainly because I got banned for saying drugs, a non filtered word... I have a good wheat and melon/pumpkin farm, along with some livestock. Well, thats about it!
  2. I have seen you in game but welcome! :)
  3. I played that game a bit. (Actually, I played it a lot.)
    I don't use it a lot anymore. Ever since I was banned for 14 days with the reason: Undefined (I hadn't logged on for months at that point, and the ban started two days prior to my checking in.)
  4. I know, just thought I might as well introduce myself.
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