Mic Suggestions for 5weety

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What mic should 5weety get?

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Blue Snowball 8 vote(s) 80.0%
Not Blue Snowball (Please post a suggestion) 2 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Hey all,
    You are probably aware of who 5weety is, well she got a new computer and has since discovered that she is unable to chat on Mumble, Skype and other programs as she has no mic. This is a desktop computer quite high end however there is no built in mic (why would there be? :p).

    Any who, what she'll be using this microphone for is pretty simple, voice chat on Mumble, Voice chat on Skype & possibly be in some videos of mine or other EMCtubers. She has no plans of making her own YouTube channel.

    So as you can understand, she doesn't want the people listening to her to have their ears bleed due to horrible sound quality (what you'd find on a laptop). And she also would prefer not to have a headset... So decent quality but not over the top studio either ;)

    I personally suggested the Blue Snowball as it is small(ish) and has above average sound quality at a reasonable price tag. What do you guys think? Suggestions?

    Oh one last thing, from 5weety herself: don't suggest ugly things, I want something cute on my desk.

    So uh yeah, input!
  2. I would go strait with your suggestion. Think it is a good looking mic and I have used it before. Great recording quality and is not an eye sore.
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  3. i use the integrated mic on my microsoft lifecam and have never had complaints about sound quality (although finding a driver for it on linux is a real hassle)
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  4. Blue Snowball seems very professional, but it seems a little bit expensive, don't you think?
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  5. Well, 66.99 USD is not a terrible price for what you get. 100 USD is okay. If you are a youtuber it is normal to invest in a microphone of that price.
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  6. Yes, but if you come from a family like me, you would have a different definition of "cheap" and "expensive."
  7. Id really suggest a headset, as then you won't be feedbacking into everyone as speakers+mic does.
  8. I use a blue yet with a headset to listen to mumble. But because I'm a you tuber I needed a better mic. Don't have a mic stand yet but you'd need it for a mic you plan putting on your desk to prevent keyboards noises etc.
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  9. Sure, a headset would be a good idea, but she might not want it.
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  10. Hmmm....get a blue snowball.
    They are EXPENSIVE.
    But they don't take up too much space.
    And for cute, just put a poro over it.
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  11. Okay, thanks for the feedback :)
    Alright, not sure if she wants a lifecam, although if she does it may be an idea to just use the intergrated mic ;) She's running Windows 7 64 bit, so drivers will be easy?
    It is a bit expensive yes, however for what it provides to you for the price I think may be more beneficial. I mean we could buy a mic for $10, it wouldn't sound great at all however then (like the one I had) it'll break... So we are looking for something that will last :)
    That is what I was trying to convince her, I think they're better for what she is doing. Though she really hates headset's with a passion :p She does have earbuds she uses sometimes, I think her plan is to use them on mumble...
    It will most likely be next to her desk on another desk, but I do see what you mean. Thanks for the feedback :)
    Yeah, that's one of the things we both like about the snowball, that it is relatively small :)
    Excuse my ignorance, what is a poro?
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  13. I have the Blue Snowball, got it last year, and use it pretty regularly. Sound quality is amazing for the price. But if 5weety is looking for something just to talk with friends over Skype or a similar chat program, you probably don't need crystal-clear audio, maybe just go with a headset, Sennheiser and Turtle Beach have good mics and good sound. Additionally, if your internet is slow (like mine is) the sound quality will be reduced, so there would be no point in having a higher end mic such as a Blue Snowball.
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  14. If she is like me, and likes using earbuds - i'd suggest some form of stand microphone - like a logitech or something - they generally run around 15-30usd price range ... and are fairly decent ...

    Headsets do reduce feedback, however the mic might get in the way of your mouth a lot, especially if you're trying to eat, drink, etc ... which always used to bug me.

    So i'd personally go with a stand microphone - Also, something else to keep in mind - does she want usb microphone or an audio-jack input? (I think those are 3.5mm connectors)
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  15. I agree with Aikar, headset is the ONLY way to go on this.
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  16. This func hs-260 I seem to hear good things of. Not sure if they sell them down under. They don't where I live, yet.
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  17. Ah, yeah hat is kinda cute :)
    Yeah I do agree crystal clear audio isn't really necessary. The internet thing does make sense however I do agree on a slower connection and the bit rate being lowered there may be less of a point to a high quality mic, this is overlooking the fact that some cheaper mic's may not have the correct range to pick up the voice and in addition will probably not have noise cancellation. So although the bit rate is lower other audio unwanted audio artifacts may be picked up regardless of the bit rate ;)
    Okay, well the Snowball is a stand microphone so I guess it's good on that regard then?
    I do agree it is rather annoying when trying to eat or drink when you have a mic right next to your mouth ;) Although on the feedback note, using push-to-talk and also having the mic's rear cancel noise, as long as it is facing away from her speakers it shouldn't provide that much feedback as it is. She doesn't have the music blaring :p
    Yeah her mic input is 3.5mm, she doesn't mind as to which it is as she has tons of spare USB ports, as well as a few mic inputs :)

    I agree with him in that it would be a good idea to use a headset however I disagree that it is the ONLY way to go. They generally provide worse mic quality and speaker quality. A better way to go would be headphones with a modular mic (which clips onto the headphones like a headset).
    Okay we'll look into it ;) thanks
  18. Logitech G430 headset!
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  19. lol, is the mic on that actually any good? I have wanted one for like the past year and am getting one in like 3 days, mainly for the surround sound support and the fact that it is just so comfortable! I wasn't planning on using the mic for myself as I'm going to use a Blue Yeti instead. Maybe I should push 5weety towards the headset anyway, though she doesn't like them... Do you have experience with the mic quality on the G430?
  20. The mic is the best. I've had multiple skype calls with it and everyone said it sounded as if I was in the room with them. It has no cracking sounds or any other hickups, it works perfectly.
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