Metron Towers | Mega Mall & Hotel

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  1. Introduction
    Remember my poll? The results are in! SMP 2 wins with an astounding 6 votes! Construction of my Mega Mall and Hotel have started. It is located at SMP 2, 3434, do come check out my progress every now and then. :)

    Current Status: Open to Public Viewing

    Metron Towers comprises of 2 Buildings almost Identical to each other with a bridge linking them together, all in 1 residence. 1 of the buildings will be used for the Mega Mall and the other for a Hotel. It is currently estimated to have 28 floors per tower.


    The hotel will have 4 different types of rooms: Studio, Suite, Penthouse and Estate. With the Studio being the smallest, Suite being larger than a Studio, and Penthouse being the larger of then the Suite. The Studio is estimated to take up half of a floor, Suite a floor and Penthouse 2 floors. An Estate will have their own private Bridge linking them to the other Tower, it is situated at the highest floor and will be able to access the rooftop gardens by a flight of stairs. One who purchases a Estate will be able to customize their room to a certain extent. Your stay is sure to be an enjoyable one. :)

    Room Type | Number of Rooms (Estimated) | Cost (Estimated)
    Studio | 20 | 2000r to own, 100r a day
    Suite | 10 | 4000r to own, 200r a day
    Penthouse | 8 | 7000r to own, 350r a day
    Estate | 1 | 10500 to own, 450r a day

    *Number of Rooms and Cost Subjected to change

    Current Status: Not Open for Reservations

    Donators get to choose their rooms first. The Top Donator gets to choose which room they want first, followed by the 2nd then 3rd, so on so forth. Donations of Glass, Snow Blocks, Glowstone, Ice and Rupees are much appreciated.

    Types of Donators:
    Diamond - Donate at least 10000r and above or 1DC of Glass/Snow Blocks/Ice or 1 SC of Glowstone or a Beacon -1000r off any room

    Emerald - Donate at least 8000r and above or 45 Stacks of Glass/Snow Blocks/Ice or 20 Stacks of Glowstone- 800r off any room

    Gold - Donate at least 5000r and above or 1 SC of Glass/Snow Blocks/Ice or 15 Stacks of Glowstone - 500r off any room

    Iron - Donate at least 2000r and above or 10 Stacks of Glass/Snow Blocks/Ice or 5 stacks of Glowstone - 200 r off any room

    Redstone - Donate at least 1000r and above or 5 stacks of Glass/Snow Blocks/Ice or 2 Stacks of Glowstone - 100r off any room

    Quartz - Donate 1r and above or 1 Stack of Glass/Snow Blocks/Ice or Half a Stack of Glowstone - NA

    All Donators' name and the amount of Rupees/Materials they donated will be put up on a Wall of Donators. All Donators (Excluding Quartz) will be able to customize their rooms to a certain extent depending on their Type. All Donators (Excluding Quartz) will be able to access a special room with Special Deals on Some Items. Donators may choose to own a room or rent one. Please reply in the thread or PM me if you have donated to avoid confusion :) For Donation of Items, chests have been set up at 3434.

    gimomiko - 5000r
    marine4121 - 48 Glowstone, 2 Stacks of Glass, 11 Stacks of Snow Blocks, 16 Redstone Blocks

    Special Thanks to Sideshowallie for making this possible :D

    I will keep this post updates on my Progress. Please give this project your fullest support. I will try my best to make SMP 2 'alive' again! :)

    Click here for Pictures!
  2. Shall Another Beauty Arise.
  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final product. I have high hopes :D
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  4. This sounds promising, i really want to see how the mega mall looks. :)
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  5. Just a tip: make ALL your prices cheaper then 4005 that way you have a chance at takingover the economy :) considering alex practically owns smp 2
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  6. Made some minor changes to the OP :)
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  7. Update :) Anyone willing to donate some materials or rupees?

  8. Nice progress...
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