Messed up with supporter subscription...

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  1. Well, this is a little embarassing.

    It seems when I signed up for diamond supporter last month, I must've completely overlooked the big "Cancel Subscription" button (could've sworn I pushed it!). I just got an email today from PayPal saying that I was charged $20 for another month of supporter. I had only wanted it for one month as my original intention.

    May I have an admin or staff member assist me on this? I would like a refund and my account back to "regular". I have not logged into EMC's servers with the new Diamond status if it counts. Today's also the first day; new month's of supporter likely started not even a few hours ago.
  2. Not good, Private message a staff member they will get it sorted out for you! just click their name and start conversation. Hope this helps!
  3. Yeah contact a admin and they will be able to do it for you, because it's only the first day of your subscription and you haven't even claimed your rupees yet I see no problem with it :)
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  4. Sent a message to ICC, will wait for a response.

    Thanks for the replies.
  5. Don't worry, same thing happened to me.
    PM'd the cow, all he needed was the Transaction ID and he could reverse it, so long as you're quick about it.
  6. Everything's all good now. He responded to my PM and got it worked out.

    Back to regular!

    ...for now.