messed up my lock sign ...again! are refunds possible?

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  1. Hi. Sorry if you don't give refunds but i'm fairly new here and i messed up my first lock sign by destroying it after 30 secs before i knew the rule. That's ok since it was a rule and I got 500 back, but when i tried to create it again i was rushed by a zombie and i forgot to put another player's name on it:-( So it's kind of useless and will have to do it again or ... is there a way to give another player permission to use a lock chest if their name isn't on the sign? Thanks! KEWBSTER

    So ... now i made a new sign and put another name on it: nicolexoxo60 and it's locked but that user's name isn't on it anymore! Do i need to make another? What happened to the other name??
  2. Sorry, but you'll have to destroy the sign and replace it. The staff don't give refunds for things like that. You can also vote for the server to get some more rupees.
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  3. Welcome :) Also sorry to hear that you messed up your sign. I've done it before and it's a pain. I helped you out a bit :)
  4. WOW. THANKS!!
  5. i brought a new member a week ago and i didn't get 2000 rupees. is it too late to get that?
  6. Yep. They have to say that you referred them before they join.
  7. When they sign up they have to put your name in the Referral box for you to get it.