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  1. So anyone know any messed up movies @__@

    I watched one tonight, Evil Dead, it wasnt even scary it was just sick and weird.

    Also Marley and Me, dog deaths are always messed up. Specially if you with your dad and he makes fun of you for being sad the dog is hurt. My dad when hes at the movies with me = "oh oh its gonna die, the poor puppy look hes in pain!"
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  2. just watch the rest of the Evil Dead series and as messed up movies hmm American History X I guess lol
  3. SilentHill....lol
  4. Did you really just compare the new "Evil Dead" to "Marley and Me"? I have no choice but to post this:
    (Warning: trailer contains (obviously fake) blood)

    Here are my suggestions:
    Donnie Darko
    Sweeney Todd

    That's all I can think of right now. If I think of more, I'll list them.
  5. Whoa ... American History X is an awesome movie!

    I know a few. Not sure I would want to list them though as some of them are movies that can be pretty horrible and are all rated R18+. There are 2 specifically I wouldn't list in fear of people trying to be "tough" and watch them.
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  6. Bad Taste - from the director of the famous Lord of the Rings movies comes a comedy splatterfest. This one lives up to its name fully. :p
  7. Yeah, I saw a clip from one a few days ago that I would list but it was too much for me, brit thought the same. I've no idea how anyone could like the movie.
  8. Isn't that the one where the guy gets curb stomped? My dad watched that and showed me that scene a few days ago, and I already knew some scenes of it...
    The Curb-Stomp was too much for me. I can handle it in TWD on zombies but I can't handle it on living things.

    I don't really watch any movies tbh. I only really like Jurassic Park and some other stuff. I like documentaries on extinct animals alot :p

    I JUST THOUGHT OF ONE :D Speckles The Tarbosaurus. Here's what makes that messed up.

    1. He has the voice of a girl when he's a hatchling.
    2. His brother knocks him out of the way of a stampede and get crushed.
    3. His 2 sisters get cornered on the edge of a cliff AND THEN GET KNOCKED OFF.
    4. His mum gets tossed off the edge of that same cliff by a T.Rex.
    5. He has, like, a bajillion fights WITH THIS SAME T.REX HIS WHOLE LIFE.
  9. Yeah I love a good horror movie. The new Evil Dead is one that I think is great, but then again I do tend to admire the work of the make up artists since it's not CGI. But there really are some generally messed up and disturbing movies in this world and I still don't know why they were ever made.
  10. In my mind, that's Freddy Kruger Vs Jason.

    He decapitates Freddy and he freaking lives. IRL, Freddy would have whooped his butt with his big talons and stabbing his throat out.
  11. I don't remember Freddy Vs. Jason. The one I saw the clip from was unrated and got bad reviews.
    If the spoiler part of my post is too bad, it can be edited out.
    The one I saw was called ABC's of Death. 26 Scenes of ways to die, each directed by someone different. I'm not big on horror movies but I ended up surfing reddit and found gifs of "X is for XXL" where an overweight girl basically mutilates herself with a knife to become skinny. She ends up nothing but bone, muscle and nerves and a bloody mess, and dies. I think it stuck with me so bad because I've felt like doing the same, just not the dying part.
  12. Weirdest films:

    Going Overboard - Starring Adam Sandler
    Biggest waste of time i have ever endured. I always thought highly of Sandler, but this movie was a waste of a good budget.

    The Cabin in The Woods
    Te basic horror plot of people dieing in horrific ways in a mysterious cabin, but then the camera shoots to a movie studio? and possibly the weirdest ending i have ever seen. (yes i watched it through to the end)

    The Matrix 4 (youtube clip)
    I cannot describe this one, so heres the link.
  13. JAWS all 3
  14. Hostel
    Sweeney Todd
    30 Days of Night
    Let Me In (which is also a beautiful love story.)
    Hostel is about rich people who pay money to buy people and torture them. It is most screwed up movie I have ever seen.
  15. "Creature"


    Oh and Marley and me.
    I was like WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!
  16. Well, depends on what 'messed-up' means... if it means creepy and/or twisted and/or ridiculous, here are mine:

    NOTE: All are rated R, so if you intend to watch them, don't click below if you're under 17 :D

    Really good messed-up movies: Requiem For a Dream, Pan's Labyrinth
    Really, really BAD messed-up movie: 2-Headed Shark Attack (TV movie on SyFy [why did they change the spelling?])
    Really funny but utterly tasteless messed-up movie: Team America: World Police
  17. Killer Joe is a messed up flick. Matthew Mcconaughey is a prettty good actor and he plays a whack job. Also, Punisher: War Zone is pretty messed up because of the graphic, way over the top violence
  18. Most movies dont scare me but half that has to do with my mom pretty much making me watch friday 13ths and Jason, etc. I remember watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre when i was in 6th grade or a little before so nothing really gets to me now. the only reason i hate most horror films is pretty much when someone gets their dang arm ripped off and i have to watch the skin and the bone and then i picture that happening to me and i feel sick xD
  19. It's an older movie, but Ravenous is pretty messed up as well.
  20. I spit on Your Grave. There's an original from I forget when and then a recent remake. This girl is like a journalist or something and goes to this small town to a cabin for a story. While there these three jerks from the gas station break in and pretty much have their way with her and then force this mentally disabled kid to do the same. That was most of the first half of the movie. I just got up and walked out of the room then and let the idiots watching it and laughing do their own thing.