Merry Christmas - GRAND OPENING OF THE APOTHECARY! [Get your free promo speed potion @ 19373]

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  1. Welcome all,

    I have been working quite hard for a few months to get a new potions shop together. I wanted this to be a little different than the other shops on EMC in that I hope it will produce a collaborative effort amongst potion brewers, farmers, and nether hunters. All items are priced to match some of the lowest I have found around EMC. There are potions and every potion ingredient you may require on sale!

    So whether you're looking to sell your potions, nether scores, or other potion ingredients, or to buy a few for yourself, COME ON DOWN!

    Now Hiring: Nether hunters (ghast killers in particular) - All employees of THE APOTHECARY will receive a weekly salary along with payment for the ghast tears, magma cream, and blaze rods you provide.

    Now go forth, brew something magical, and come visit us at 19373!! THE APOTHECARY AWAITS!

    One love,