Merry Christmas 2011

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  1. From all of the Empire Minecraft staff, we would like to wish you Merry Christmas and happy holidays. We would like to give every player 500 rupees as a gift. You must claim these rupees by December 27th at midnight (ET).

    >> Click Here to Receive the Gift <<

    Don't forget to tell your friends who don't check the site!
  2. Merry Christmas to all! :)
  3. Thanks for the gift! :) Merry Christmas! :D
  4. YAY! Thank You Justin! You must be a bank robber to give us all this...... Hey!! "SILENCE!!!", ok..... *thinks to himself, its not that bad...*
  5. Thanks!

    Merry Christmas everyone. :)
  6. Thank you very much Justin :)
  7. Woo! Merry Christmas! Thanks Justin! This is the best server I have EVER played on! :)
  8. Merry Christmas all of you. :) Enjoy the 500R gift. :)
  9. Thanks Justin, Merry Christmas to you and your family, and to everyone in the empire and their families and friends :):)
  10. Merry Christmas to Empire Minecraft! Have a great holiday everyone! :)
  11. Thanks Justin! [sarcasm] It's just what I always wanted! [/sarcasm] But seriously, thanks!
  12. I did all the bank robbing. Justin programmed in all the loot.
  13. Yea Justin, good luck for all that is coming your way! I hope it all goes well for ya mate :)
  14. Aside from that though. Merry Christmas everyone.
  15. Thanks Jeremy, you too mate :)
  16. Wow, thanks guys!

    I'm now over 4k rupees!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone! Long live the Empire!
  17. YAAAY!! Justin is Santa! :D:):eek::p
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  18. Merry Christmas to everyone. Enjoy your family and friends!

    Please make sure you have someone to look out for you when drinking....we want to see you back here happy and healthy.

    Kia <3
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  19. Merry christmas guys. Hope santa brings you all what you wished for. ;D