Mercenary for Hire

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  1. I have finished my creation on my plot and am now looking for partying out into the wasteland/ wilderness.

    >I have no fee, i just expect a small portion of the findings.<
    >I offer protection for miners, builders or general adventurers.<
    >I specialise in bow but know how to use a sword too.<
    >I am friendly and can be found online almost every day.<

  2. great concept so long as your portions asked for aren't crazy high. best of luck! :)
  3. i am willing to hire i have some ground rules though 1 do u have skype 2 u have to live in my town in the wilderness we have 10 players living in an npc village 3 we will supply u with one of the large houses in the village 4 u have to follow orders... if u are willing too agree to these terms pm me
  4. Instead of opening a new thread I'd like to throw my hat into the ring here. I will offer anyone safety in passage through the wasteland. All I ask is that you provide arrows and a small tithe of rupees
  5. I am very willing to hire!
    I am in need of a companion to help me. I am willing to split all of the findings 30% as well...
    We find 3 diamonds, you get one.
    We find 30 Iron, you get 10

    You can find me on daily too. Please message me back when you receive this notice.

    I'm looking forward to a good partnership!
  6. I get on almost every day and if anyone needs some protection,help mining,or help building come to 1352 and see me,or type "ns come to .... I ail be a good worker,and we can negotiate when I see you.
  7. Good to know, may sign up. It all depends on if i'm busy.;)
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