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  1. the leader, xert77_jr, is currently looking for people to build other mercenary bases on other servers. The main one is in smp7, but we want more on other servers. Please reply if you want to donate some land and become a co-leader of the mercenaries!


    ~at least 7x5 underground room
    ~a stairway down into base
    ~4+ dorms for members to set up a small home in (at least 3x3)
    ~prices and ranks (if your interested, i'll post the rules and ranks)
    ~at least 5x2 storage room for guild

    thats all, the base can be made out of any type of stone or wool, not dirt, or wood

    Dont delay,Hire today:)
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  2. I can imagine this wouldn't work, since PVP is disabled on EMC.
  3. No, its not exactly pvp. its having people hire members to collect, farm, or defend in wastes. if you are interested, i'll pm you if your interested in this
  4. I would like to do this do I get payed?
  5. Your wont get paid from ME, speficically, but i am willing to supply you with some stuff you want for your base. If you do /smp7 and do /v xert77_jr, you will see an example of a design for the mercenary base, but of course you can make it any design you want, as long as its not wood or dirt. I'll send you a PM because you seem interested
  6. I'm kinda interested in what this is exactly, could you send me a pm about it?
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  7. Same
  8. This guild is growing larger everyday! :)
  9. Can I have a promotion?
  10. I have a ton of stone bricks if you need it on smp7, I'll give ya a stack for 64r, I own the main mercenary armory on smp7