Mending Books 155, Unbreaking III Books 175

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  1. Limited Time Offer at BAD Book and Discs
    Mending Enchanted Books for only 155 Rupees
    Unbreaking III Books for only 175 Rupees
    Plus Many Other Items Very Cheap
    All At 10959
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  2. Can i order some on forums
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  3. Cause i dont now if i can login today
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  4. I will have them there for at least the weekend I anticipate. So you can visit there when you get on. But I don't take orders I'm afraid, sorry.
  5. Bump. Dropped beacon price to 15.5K
  6. Okay thx
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  7. Come visit us please! You will love it here.
  8. Wait so mending books are only worth about 200r maxed? ....I've been buying them for I'm behind on the economy.
  9. I am here for you buddy. And probably for other books too. Sorry for what you've gone through but just go to 10959 and all will be good.
  10. A
    awesome thanks! I took a small break but I'm back and pretty behind. Thanks a mil :)
  11. Bump. This is the last bump as the prices will return to regular price tonight.