Memories Of The Wilderness

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  1. So, as you know, the wilderness has now been renamed to "Frontier". I'm kind of iffy on the new name... so I made this thread so that I, and hopefully a few others, can share their memories of the frontier before it was called the frontier.

    R.I.P Wilderness Name
    18th September 2011 - 19th May 2013
  2. I'll still call it the wilderness!
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  3. I saw it and was like.
    Then I turned around and went to the Wastelands.
  4. As will I, for as long as I can :p

    When most people call it the frontier, I will end up calling the frontier too. And then when 99.9% of people call it the frontier, I will succumb to the new name.
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  5. I still and forever will call it the Wild
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  6. It's branded into my mind as the wilderness so I will forever call it that.
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  7. The Wild will be forever in my heart.
  8. In both of mine, too :(
    I say both of mine because I have odd heart beat vibrations that make it feel like I have two hearts :p
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  9. Its the wild. End of discussion.
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  10. The LLO is still an smp7 Wild Outpost! And it shall always be! :D
  11. Yes as absent as I am there :p I have to agree
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  12. If I ever called the Wild, a Frontier, I would run out the room screaming! It would feel so bad to betray the Wild! I must keep wild in my heart!
    "Good Friend of Jesus Sake Forebear, To Digg the Dust Encloased Heare, Bleste be the man who spares the Wild, And curse be those who moves the Wild"
    ---Shakespeare's grave note (Modified to Wild)
  13. the wild will always be the frontier wild:cool:
  14. The wild is.... the wild. Where one can jump off a cliff just for fun. Where one can blow themselves up in the Nether. Where one could see a pool of lava, and decide to go for a swim! The frontier... The frontier seems to be to be a place where you ride a stuffy ol' covered wagon over four million miles and try not to die the whole time (sorry, covered minecart, or maybe just the family pig). The wild is where you die because dying is the best part of minecraft, and if you die by accident, you just say "Well, that stinks. Better go grab my stuff!" Excuse, me, I must go jump into a cactus patch now. In fond memory of the wilderness.
  15. Its just another name. Same thing. I remember the old wastelands on smp1 before smp2 came out. Also how utopia was a single world like wild. The wastelands were what is now the wild, and the wilderness was a foreign world with no live map.
  16. It is still a "Wild", its just part of the Frontier grouping :)

    Look at the signs for the portal! "Frontier Wilderness"
    But just as people call the Wastelands wild wastelands, Frontier will fit for the old wild too.

    It's just a distinguishment between the 2 :)
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  17. IMHO, everyone's gonna just call them the wild, the nether, the wastelands and the wastelands nether - instead of switching to the new names.
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  18. old timers sure for a while, but with time, as more new players join, it will get more used. I didn't expect everyone to switch over on day 1 ... :p
  19. I remember my first foray into the wilderness on SMP2. I found a little hill, not too far from spawn. I hollowed it out, made farms, mined. It was lonely though.
    As would become the hallmark of my wilderness . . . "style" . . . I built an underground tunnel from the PRA to my little base. I later lay a rail along the tunnel. Two weeks later, we got notice the wild was to be reset.