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    Hello guys. That is Twitch1's skin up there. As you might know Twitch1 has left EMC. Therefore, I have volunteered to make a Twitch1 Memorial. The monument is at /v 1008 smp1. That is Twitch's old res number.

    Goodbye Ceremony:

    Date: Sun April 13

    Time: 9:00 PST (Gooooooooooooooogle it)

    Where: 1008

    Donations: Just add donations to my account :D

    My Credit Card :D
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  2. What are you going to do about the donations that were supposed to go to it?
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  3. Good question. I'm gonna get more mats (Quartz, Floor, etc.) and use 10-20k to extend the memorial to the other res of mine. I also will host a Random.Org Giveaway at the venue.