[MEMORIAL] Sandy Hook Memorial 6403 SMP3

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  1. This res, owned by PAVI259 (6403), is the location of a memorial dedicated to Sandy Hook. No, PAVI259 is not another one of my accounts, but I wanted to create this thread in honor of him. As most of you will not know, Ethan lives in Sandy Hook, and he goes to school there. His brother Collin, goes to the Elementary School that the attack happened in. Collin wasn't hurt in the attack, but he was there and witnessed it firsthand. Here is a paragraph written by Ethan.

    "Well I didn't know what was going on at the time, I was with my class in the computer lab to type something up and a lockdown was called. After we had been in it for 1/2 an hour I knew something was up. Since I live only an hour away from NY, I thought that something big like a nuclear explosive could have been threatened there. It was a bunch of crazy stuff. My teacher and the computer worker passed notes saying what was happening. I wasn't feeling anything. Afterwards I kinda just played EMC. Don't get me wrong, I was very scared of what could have happened to my brother, and if I knew what was going on at the time, everything would have been changed, and I would have been freaking out. I can't imagine what the people that lost their loved ones are going through, and I thank God that nothing happened to my brother and I."

    If you could take a look at this residence for me, that would be awesome. I am going to have Ethan set up a few donation chests so you can donate if you like his creation. When I become diamond supporter again in the next week or so, I will re-claim my second res on SMP3 and that will be a full residence dedication to the people of Sandy Hook. Thanks for your interest!
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  2. Wow so many sad things such as these are happening... It's with much pleasure I read that a memorial has been built, especially on EMC :D Great job PAVI259 and co, well done ;)
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