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  1. I have looked on the Member count on the side of the website yesterday afternoon and it was on 13,271 and now its 14,107 so that's 836 people over night (8 hours) but thats nothing compared to thepeople who signed up for minecraft
    and the people who bought the game
    So we have 0.028718% of the people who own a minecraft account play on this server
    and after the maths of ages that means we have the 4th most people on a minecraft server
  2. That's interesting, I have never thought of that maybe one day we can go 1st!
  3. That will be easy ;)
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  4. If that happens I'll definitely have to at least get a iron membership to ever get on. :)
  5. there will most likely be like a smp50 or something lol xD
  6. I hope Justin only goes to 9 only because they might have to get more Moderators then some of them might not be very good (e.g not be on for a few days) then people would spam the chat more and get away with it :/
  7. Ok in 7.5house the member count went up by about 173 people so that's just over 17 members per hour :D
  8. where are you getting this info? lol
  9. the side of the main homepage on this website

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