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  1. Hey emc friends! just wondering how does you thing change to well-known member from just member?
  2. Obviously with certain amount of posts, don't you think?
  3. thought so. how many though?
  4. It is by Trophy Points. I believe 50 points in active and 100 is well-known
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  5. ok, thx, well i just realised im active-member :p gonna try reach well-known :)

    Edit: i only have 20 trophy points though? so its not 50 trophy points for active-member
  6. I thought it was 100 likes and your a well known member. :confused:
  7. Oh ok, I still think that it is 100 for a well-known member though ;)
  8. LOL, just looked at the trophy points, im gonna need a massive amount of likes and posts :/
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  9. Like meeeee.....
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  10. My understanding...
    new member: 0 likes
    member: 20 likes
    active member: 50 likes
    well known member: 100 likes
    well respected member: i dont know if you can get that anymore.
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  11. i have like 20 something likes and im active-member, so cant be that :/
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  12. As i said, i wasnt sure.
  13. I think it is based on how many posts you have.
    50-Active Member
    1000-Well-Known Member

    Just like the trophies.
  14. It is based on Trophy Points. To get well-known member you need 60 trophy points.
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  15. Wrong
    I thought it was by getting likes?
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  16. we need somone that knows
  17. Here is the trophy points values:

    Here is the points vs. member status:

    0 Points = New Member
    5 Points = Member
    25 Points = Active Member
    45 Points = Well-Known Member
  18. Yeah. You get points by getting likes, posting certain amounts of posts, and recruiting friends.
  19. I had to get 250 to get Well-Known, but it was all possible because of @Equinox_Boss
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  20. Upon reading this thread I got Active Member :D