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  1. Warning: this post could become rather long - I will try and make a tl;dr version at the end :)

    Well, here we are EMC. I was going to wait till we were a bit closer to the release of some new updates and increased advertising, but I feel like the community needs it now.

    EMC certainly does not have a problem bringing in new members to EMC, but they often don't stick around. This usually has nothing to do with the features which are unique to EMC, but they have a hard time jumping into the community of EMC. Ultimately the reason people join a Multi-player Minecraft server is to play with other people - who they may or may not know in real life. For example, I have a very good friend here on EMC, and probably the only reason they are still around is because of me. They visit the website daily, and even though she has been here 105 days, she told me - I don't really know this community...

    So what do we do about this? EMC isn't for everybody, but as a community we need to go that extra mile to welcome and play with our new members. It will strengthen our existing community and hopefully make it grow. One person certainly can't do this alone. I know more towards the begging of EMC - both Jeremy and Justin would welcome a new member both on the site and in-game. Due to how large the empire has become - each new member can't receive a personalized message from an Admin or even a Staff member in general. There is just to many.
    Giving a new player some supplies is nice - but connecting with them, going out into the wild with several people, that can be the best way to welcome them in. Several weeks ago, when I created my alternate (I even had a thread about it) the people on smp1 when I logged in didn't seem to know. I can't remember who - but one person invited me to check out their lottery thing, it was a bit confusing but aside from some "welcome to EMC" that is the only real connection I made with another member.

    I will be one of the first ones to tell you that I need to improve in this as well. I can't say that I have given every new member the attention they really deserve. I am not saying give them build flags on your residence, but help them gather supplies, encourage them, and try to get them into this tight-knit community.

    As for the recent Staff changes - which really can't be ignored... Being a staff member ISN'T for everyone. I honestly think that most people would hate the job or want to quit shortly after due to the increase in personal responsibility and duty. It really changes game-play in a dramatic way because the connection just isn't quite the same. Friendly Staff Members is essential to the growth and sustaining of EMC, but there is always a regular member of the community on when there isn't a Moderator on....

    So TL;DR version.
    If you want EMC to grow - you have to give each and every member and a chance to be a part of this community. Everyone has to help out with this - not just a few core members. EMC's community is what makes it so great - nothing to do with the superior features (which help). So welcome them, adventure with them; but don't just shove the Empire Guide at them - don't be afraid to re-explain it. Most people won't be addicted to Minecraft such as myself, but there is no reason not to let them enjoy their stay before moving onto something else. In conclusion - the title "Member Responsibility"... there is no rule that you must do this, but it is your personal duty to make new friends and heighten the overall game experience for all.

    Sorry again for the WALL 'O' Text, but that is what it takes sometimes. Have a great day :)
  2. Well said!
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  3. Thanks chickener, you hit the spot.
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  4. Just yes. Nothing else. Yes.
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  5. How about no! Joking xD
  6. lolol, I made a hearty laugh when I read this XD

    I just hope that people remember that this thread isn't about me, it is about the community. There is little there that can be disputed because I could probably prove it to be fact (but that would just take a whole another page) :p
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  7. You're absolutely right. I think that the 3 main reasons because people leave EMC are:
    1. Boredom
    3.IRL commitments
    We can't put a solution to the last 2 ones, but, in my opinion, we have to start motivating the community, organizing funny events, etc; to attract new members and avoid old members leaving because they are just "bored".
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  9. Well said indeed. Ive been with empire for over 300 days and there are only a few people who are on that help out others. That being said I admit I havent been always been welcoming but I do try to say hello to the new citizens and help out when I can.
  10. After further thoughts on this subject, in light of the events of the last couple days... I wish to add more.

    Today I went to a motivational speaker kind of thing. For better or worse - the only thing I could think about the whole time was what I was possibly going to say to the EMC community to help to bring order out of this chaos. But through what this speaker was talking to us about, this is what I got from it.

    It is to easy to look at the negatives. Whenever something happens, you need to move on. You can't change the past. Once something is said, it can never truly be taken back.

    So Work with you got. Despite how things can look from time to time - we have a talented group of individuals here. Make the best of any situation, look for the silver lining. I am not saying to ignore the negative side but there is just so much more out there.

    So think more of What Can I Do? Once you get past everything else it comes down ultimately to what you as an individual can do. One person can do nothing; but if enough people are working towards the same goal - such as the success and benefit of EMC - than I don't see how we can possibly fail.

    There is a lot of text on this page, I believe every word I have posted; I am not looking for someone to disagree with - I just want what is best.