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  1. Hey guys! So after going through a few pages back, i didnt see this suggested yet although im not saying it hasnt! just saying i couldnt find it. But anyways, how hard would it be to add a online/offline status light to players profiles. Im aware that we have the last seen feature, for example
    " ProdigyUndead was last seen: Viewing thread The Suggestion Box, 10 minutes ago" Which is useful but really just lets us know when they were last active. We need a simple feature that says player is online or no player in not. Now some of you may be thinking well i dont like people knowing im on. No prob! We could have a simple check box in Preferences to turn it of or on.

    Here is an example of the idea.

    Online staus online.png

    Online staus offline.png

    Not a bad idea huh? Iv ran into a few moments where this would have been super useful!
    Hope you guys have a great day and thanks for looking!
  2. Sounds useful.
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  3. the man issue is that the last seen thing would be tattling on you as online. There is a checkbox on the full login form (/login) that lets you hide while online.

    But overall, something like this would add more changes into the website to be broken when we finally do upgrade, and since it doesn't offer new information that isn't already available (Seeing the last seen a few lines below), id rather not add something like that.

    I agree it does look nicer, it's just not worth the technical investment.
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  4. Totally understandable! I was first thinking it may be a difficult task, not like you don't have too many of those as it is. But the easiest way to find out is to ask and see! Thanks for stopping by and giving it a look!
  5. Upgrade? what are we upgrading to?
  6. newer version of xenforo..
  7. We are on the first release of Xenforo, and there has been many great improvements to it that we need to upgrade to.

    However, the way Justin developed the supporter system and many of the changes for EMC, means everything is going to break horribly when we upgrade.... so its uh, not a simple concept to just upgrade, but highly desired.
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  8. i thought it meant if the user is in game? not necessarily on the site
  9. So we just wait for the EULA to derp things a bit and redo supporters according to that so it makes it a bit easier?
  10. He doesn't mean the actual supporter structure itself but rather how they are handled on the site, (i.e the upgrades page)
  11. Lol That's what "TAB" is for ;)