Melk73's story and 500 Day AMA!!

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  1. So this is me EMC story, the first time I came on this server was not the first time at all I played Minecraft, though after I first joined I never left without eventually coming back. The first day I joined I was hooked! I stayed up thinking what my next build should be and making every farm known to man (And/or woman). I started a shop and started getting a fair bit of income and then I stopped playing, I didnt quit, just forgot about it all together (probably because of school) Anyway, I came back to it about a month later and sure enough my res was gone along with my shop, farms and everything I owned. I also came back to a brand new batch of staff members like max and Aikar. I ended u building a castle and re making a shop from scratch which wasnt my best build but it did the job. I then had the idea to make a maze, not just any maze, but the hardest maze Minecraft has ever seen (Which arguably I accomplished on 2378), after many months of slowly chipping away at that project, it was finished and was time to move on. Since then, ive gained 10 aditional res's and many, MANY.... new friends. I can honestly say that I have more in common with the people on EMC than 90% of my friends in real life and I want to thank you all for making this a community that Ive wanted to be apart of and apparently so have 59,999 others. So AMA, anything at all, and I shall answer.

    -That blue spartan.
  2. Congratulations

    How did you decide on your name?
  3. Well congrats on 500 day on EMC melk, gave you the grand tour of my community on 9 the day and have gotten to know you thru mumble along with the others and couldnt say anything bad about you even if i wanted to been a joy playing alongsid eyou on emd and hope for at least another 500 days lol

    as for my Question's

    1. How did you find EMC
    2.What got you hooked so fast
    3.why you so crazy!
  4. Back in 2006 I was thinking of making a Runescape account and wanted the randomest name I could think of so one in bed before I went to sleep I spent 1-2 hours coming up with a random name. As for the "73", I have no idea, It should have been 72 which was my favourite numer at the time but must have mis spelt it.
    (Still have the Runescape account but I never play)
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  5. Thanks man!
    Ok so:
    1. I seriously dont remember how I found it, I think it may have been through one of those server ranking sites like planet minecraft.
    2. I liked the idea of player owned shops mailny, although I dont currently have one running (But am building)
    3. Lately its cause I put about 3 table spoons of sugar in my tea to keep me awake long enough to talk to all me American EMC friends.
  6. but me be canadian lol
  7. Congrats! So how do you complete the maze? xD
    Canadians for the win!!!!! :D
  8. MELK! You're amazing :D
  9. gratz
    Do you think I'm pretty?
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  10. Wow congrats on 500 days, i have been here for around 530+ (not trying to brag) and plan to stay longer :D and i gota try that maze you said (even though i would probably rage quit it) :D
  11. Place these from 1 to 5 (everyone can answer but melk is the main attraction here ;-D)

  12. cookie
  13. Pie
  14. cookie
    pie (not a fan of pie...)
  15. melk, what cause you to get addicted to MC in general, not just on EMC.

  16. Pie
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  17. Id say couse theres so many different play styles and so much of a vatiety of things to do, and its updating all the time, when I first started playing, there wernt even pistons, now redstone contraptions seem endless. EMC amd really all servers just let these builds be seen by people, which after youve killed the ender dragon, is the main catch of minecraft