Mein's Hotel Complex in Smp6

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  1. This is the beginning of the hotel chain that I am hoping will dominate smp6. I have a Hotel, for 30r a week, and 50r a night, with rooms that have a bed, double chest, furnace, and workbench. (fancy)

    I also have a cobblestone motel for 10r a week that has a workbench, furnace and bed. Maybe Ill put some single chests in. It costs 20r to own the room, and 5r a week and 10r forever if you don't want a furnace.

    If you don't wanna live in a condo, i have mushroom apartments for 20r a week, and 40 forever. These include all the appliances of the Hotel, and are 2 story.

    Finally, I have a farming shop and armory in the corner of my res. I sell ALL types of seeds and crops (pumpkin products, wheat seeds, cactus and sugar cane are low FOR NOW) and i sell in bulk. I will be putting in some iron tools and swords, and maybe in the future armor and arrows. examples of my prices are

    2 stacks of melon slices for 10r

    1 stack of wheat for 15r

    1 Stone hoe (iron hoes coming soon) for 10r

    Comments and questions GREATLY appreciated