Meh Giant cake! >:P

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  1. This is really my first wool creation. Why a cake? Idk. Just came to me I guess. :p
    You can see this very well on the smp3 live map. I built this on top of my castle, res 7050.
    Hope you like it! 2012-03-30_19.08.05.png
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  2. Pretty nice :p
    Try adding some more red dots to it, so it seems more sweety-like xP
  3. Awesome cake :O!
  4. Notice the frozen river on the sides... Still working that out...:eek: Ice is so stupid!!!
  5. Yeah, I forgot about the red dots :p Was going to do that before posting...
  6. I don't believe you. Sounds like a lie
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  7. THE CAKE IS A LIE hahahahah portal
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  8. I hope this cake is not a lie though.... :p
  9. Its a pretty famous quote fom Portal. Don't worry, I believe you.
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  10. Actually you guys can lie today. ;)
    (It's 0.45 for me. so it's now the 1st of april. :D)
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  11. Lol I know