Megatron Statue

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    i have come up with a great idea. i am going to build a very large statue of Megatron form the Transformers Generation1 Cartoon. Therefore, i need as much materials as you can donate to me. If you are kind enough to donate, i know i will need obsidian (for his gun) and tons of wool and iron.

    i will update this thread if i need to on needed materials. please donate to help me build it.
  2. This is me. Replying.

    I have an obsidian generator and I could run it for you if you gave me the amount of redstone that you need in obsidian, or something like that.

    What I meant to say was that however much obsidian you need, give me that much redstone and I'll run my generator to make the obsidian you need.
  3. thanks, but i dont want to waste redstone. if you read, it says "Donation". please give me donations for the project
  4. I thought he was being considerate by offering to run his gen but needed the redstone :)
  5. i know, but i dont have much redstone to use
  6. Obsidian generators run on redstone, they convert redstone to obsidian on a 1:1 ratio. He was still offering to mine it for you, which is a pretty sweet deal considering he would donate a great deal of time and diamond use in exchange for the redstone.
  7. Wow. I guess I know how needed I am.

    (Kidding. But seriously, I was donating quite a bit of time and diamond pickaxe uses.)
  8. ok, sure. ill take the obsidian from your gen. but i need like 1 to 10 stacks of it
  9. Alright. I'm busy today, but I'll see what I can do tomorrow.