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  1. As the title states, this thread shall be dedicated to serving the machinimas I post on the youtubes! Top to bottom, from the oldest to the most recent!

    Happy new year people! I hope you all had time with your friends and family, and had a good Christmas! It's now 2013, a new start for some people, and another awesome year for others!
    Song by: from Kevin Macleod.

    A nice little machinima me and my friend did, like and favorite if you enjoyed!
    Song Artist:Kevin Macleod.
    This video is a reference to the famous game of Left 4 dead, 1 and 2.

    Bobby the Boy felt that he needed something new in his house. A Dead Bush, perfect! He went throughout the land, battling (running) from the Squid Legion, digging holes here and there, until he stumbled upon a cave! The cave had a magnificent mineshift, which held the magical Dead Bush! However, the Dead Bush was trapped! Bobby the Boy had lost his progress, and most importantly his Dead Bush. In sorrow, Bobby fished, until he found another Dead Bush right next to his home, how convenient! But once again, the mystical Dead Bush had the upper-hand, as it was trapped again.

    This video took approximently 4 hours to record, an 1 hour to edit. Please consider giving a like, and perhaps subscribing if you enjoyed!

    CREDITS provided royalty free music for this video! Check 'em out!
    Thanks to ewils for acting "Bobby the Boy!" (far friend, as in distance)
    Thanks to camobones for giving the idea to me! (close friend)

    You really thought something was in here? Haha! I got the last laugh! >: D

    Thanks for watching!
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