[MegaMall Donations!] Look below

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  1. Hey guys, its Magic here, and Awesome, my new alternate. I am creating a mega mall with "JNightwind" on Smp1 1204. We have only started, and it is a long process, with building getting the shop out there and stocking the shops. It will have almost every item, exception of somethings. But we need donors. if you can donate over 1000r I will mention your name below. Or items worth over 1000r. If you donate, and im not there to witness it, please inbox me you donated so and so, so I can thank you below. If you want to remain annonymous, just let me know you donated somehow, and I wont mention your name. Thanks again guys! Donations to MrWhosMagic or MrWhosAwesome. Please try to send the inbox to MrWhosMagic, as I barely check the other account EMC Forums. Thanks.
  2. Agent_Notch Donated 1,632 rupees! Thanks Agent_Notch!
  3. Bump xD
    TheAceEagle donated 8k and picks and a ton more! Thanks man!