MegaBuild #1

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  1. Hello everyone, I am presenting to you my first mega build! It is currently on a single player world, but I might move it to empire some day.
    I am building...
    The Underwater City of Atlantis!
    My friend gave my three challenges to complete in five days.
    Peyton Manning, Broncos jersey, Heisman position.
    The Statue of Liberty.
    Ill post pics soon hopefully :)
  2. Well............ Good luck?
  3. yeah not really sure what to say on this one:confused:
  4. Hah! I'm building something comparable to Project Beijing :) Not sure if bigger...
  5. This is what I'm building.

  6. Your building the words DreadFleet?
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  7. That's going to be epic when it gets on EMC :)