MEGA Tunnel 2! (smp4)

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  1. So after the reset I had to think what my next project should be, as the first MEGA Tunnel was never completed, I thought I should try again, different design though; wood should allow faster progress (don't worry they're wooden slabs, so hopefully fireproof!) It also goes down to diamond layers too - 10-16 - so hopefully will collect some goodies along the way.
    New Bitmap Image.jpg New Bitmap Image2.jpg
  2. Hope this goes well but, what's the point for this.
  3. Errr, because I can? :p also 100s of diamonds sound nice too
  4. Great
    and great idea for the slab method but less wood efficient sadly but its fire proof and needs pickaxes to grief great :)
  5. youre gonna get griefed the crap out of
  6. I finally found a use for all my jungle wood lol.
  7. Of course he'll get griefed, but he knows that, and it's the thought that counts.

    Remember, no rails this time! ;)

    Good luck!
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  8. yeah once you get your diamonds it doesnt matter
  9. xD yeah but he is using more wood than diamond so in the end he is loosing money
  10. Not really with Jungle saplings.

    Jungle saps, bonemeal, big tree, cut down, more saplings, rinse, repeat, profit from the extra saplings you got. Wood was free apart from the bonemeal.

    Wood doesn't cost anything really thanks to these massive jungle trees now.
  11. Ugh. Jungle wood is the one type I can't supply. Or does it matter with slabs? I can donate.
  12. fail I thought he was buying the wood xD
  13. Haha, no I'm planting the jungle trees behind my shop. To be honest noone seems to like the jungle planks anymore, maybe because they look a bit like vomit? Everyone seems to want oak planks now, and that's proving harder than ever to supply lol. Although strangely people seem to love buying the jungle saplings? So I have to plant so many trees, just to get saps, meaning I have sooo much jungle wood laying around! :(

    Hey thanks for the offer, I will see how it goes for now, maybe I'll get bored and will want to go faster, then I will need the help lol.

    Haha, you remembered the first MEGA Tunnel then? That was 3500 metres from spawn, and someone still took the rails, grr. Don't worry i'm planning on this looking a bit less attractive, but I think it's not as good as first one :( :( I miss the old one!
  14. Ta-Da! only one day, and the griefing has begun, thanks guys! He knocked out all my lighting on stairway too, so it was infested with mobs.

  15. Maybe remove the coords for when your taking pictures :p
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  16. Ooops, I'm not used to playing with minimap mod, only had it a week, my bad...
  17. Haha. ime to start over.
  18. i was thinking about the same :)
  19. To be honest, it is hardly a secret; the entrance is almost visible from spawn. Plus wooden slabs are really boring to grief!
  20. added a bedrock viewing area...