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  1. Hello fellow friends! Today, I decided to tell you about an event I'm hosting! So, today, I built a Mega Skin Completion area at my residence. I decided: Why not have an event there? I mean, it would be awesome to have an event there! And I mean, I love hosting Skin Contests, especially big ones! So, I built this: (notice, it is much bigger than you think.)

    Yes, this building does have two floors to it. I want has much people as possible to come! (It has at least 50 spaces, or more.)

    This event will be hosted Saturday, January 2nd, 2016. (Yes, that means tomorrow.) It will be hosted at 5:30 EMC Time. (Eastern Time.) It will be hosted at /v +skincomp, or /v HelloKittyRo.

    Yes, there are only going to be 3 winners. If you'd like to see the details about the rupees, and what prizes you get, please go to /v 3811@prizes. Your username will be at the hall of fame. The hall of fame TP will be at /v 3811 halloffame.

    These will be hosted every day on Saturday at 5:30 EMC Time. Provided that I am available, but I will do my best. Sometimes the event might need to be pushed over a day or two. Or maybe even a whole week. It all depends on what happens.

    Yes, people have been asking me if you could rent the area to host an event there. Yes, you can. But it does cost money. It costs about 2,000 rupees to do it. If you would like to have a fancy skin contest, then it will be 4,500 rupees. To get someone to advertise, it will be 2,000, or 4,500 rupees + 200 rupees.

    If you would like to host an event here, these are the following rules:
    • You have to private message HelloKittyRo and tell her the details.
    • You must do that event on a day and time Ro can do it. (That means weekends only.)
    • You can not bring a backup helper. You must be able to do it, or the event will be called off.
    • HelloKittyRo will make the thread for your event with all the details.
    Format Details To Host The Event:
    1. Your Username:
    2. What Weekend Day Can you Play on, and what time:
    3. Are you doing fancy, or regular? Will you have an advertiser?

    Then you will be set!

    Good luck, and I hope to see you at the event tomorrow!
  2. You will get a cell number, and a floor number for you to go on. You must go to that cell, and floor, or you won't be able to participate.