Mega Shop!

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  1. Hey fellow empire minecrafters! Just advertising my shop on smp6, 12943! Its a great mega shop with all your MC needs and is higly stocked and restocked as soon as i find out something is out! everything is cheap and stocked well, although somethings will be out of stock until 1.3 such as glass. (not smelting till 1.3 cause u earn xp in 1.3) Also please comment if you have been to my shop and give feedback and tell me if anything is out!
  2. This is a great shop! But not as good as 9000 on SMP4... This is only my opinion though
  3. I checked it out and its great :)
  4. thx guys :D true though, there are alot more shops much better...
  5. Screenshots? :)
  6. 2012-06-23_14.33.21.png 2012-06-23_14.31.06.png 2012-06-23_14.31.26.png 2012-06-23_14.31.41.png 2012-06-23_14.32.20.png 2012-06-23_14.32.42.png Here we are: