Is donating 5k to have your skin advertised worth it?

Yes 6 vote(s) 37.5%
No 10 vote(s) 62.5%
  1. Im going to making a mega mall on smp1 fairly soon and I had an idea, to give back to the donators that have donated 5K + I will put their skins on the side of my mall. If you have not already donated, feel free to and you'll get your skins face stuck proudly on my mall! Heres an enxample with my skin: Mega mall skin example.png
  2. Another Example: Rosy2696.png
  3. I suggest you give more of an inside about your shop.. etc. It's progress so far.Why should we donate? why buy there instead of any other place?
    Also suggest putting signs on the faces..So you know who is that person.
  4. Build my face and Fellyboy's face. Then I might hire you to build them
  5. Sorry for the brief description, I had to go but its gonna be the biggest shop around, im aiming at medium ranged prices but a good cost I don't want it to be self centered shop, that's why I thought of the faces, I considered putting signs on the faces, but that would obscure the look, and if they donated quite late theyre face would be high up so no would be able to read them, but thanks for the suggestions
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  6. can u send me a picture?
  7. Another example: (these are people who have payed btw) Wolfegab + crabcakes200m.png
  8. Another example todd_vinton.png
  9. Errrr.... Creative mode?
  10. Love the idea, but you may want to link the res number so people can come and see it for themselves.
  11. I haven't built it on an smp1, I will on Thursday, the pics are in singleplayer
  12. Paterick, its in singleplayer, gonna move it to an smp on Thursday
  13. Oh good :D
  14. nfell, can I have a screen of ur skin tomorrow plz, either in game or here