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  1. Hello EMC! So I am probably going to start building a mega mall on my residence in the next couple of weeks... I need help with a few things, here is my list.
    -Cool/Unique Name
    -Design Ideas (pm me pictures if you can)
    -Stockers (im thinking about finding a few people who can sell me some things cheap)
  2. Bump. come on guys i really need some help with this
  3. name: flamingpotato42's mall (it's unique I think)
    Design ideas: build it underwater with mermaids and seaweed and stuff around you
    stockers: i have some enderpearls i could sell you, otherwise maybe watch the auctions and try and get a bargin.
  4. Ok but the mega mall name is always what people's malls are named
  5. Underwater Sounds cool
  6. name: Flaming cheap Mall
    Design ideas: make the floor out of potatoes with glass over the top.
    stockers: Check the forums for supply companies is my advice.
  7. Name: Fire Anarchy
    Design Ideas: Flame world, completely a living hell. Would not have much order.
    Stockers: I don't have any thing.
  8. Name? Here are some ideas...
    The Potato Shack (Design as if it is an island resort or restaurant hut, like an extremely large surf shack)
    Heavenly Prices (Made as if in a cloud, buildings of snow, golden doors)
    The Flamin' FunMall! (Bright and colorful, get down to lower floors by waterslide, roller coaster circling mall)

    Stockers? I dunno. I will keep an eye out for some people!
  9. BUMP. More names and ideas needed :)
  10. Potato Mall! Because that's in your username, potato! And maybe have potato farms all around it, and make the mall out of wheat! Dunno, your choice! :)
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  11. On the front of the mall a potato possibly burning and the design could be a giant 3D potato and you could call it the potato mega mall!