Mega Mall Help!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Bunkerllama, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. If i wanted to make a mega mall, could someone possibly tell me an approximate range in how much this will cost me? Was planning on making it in my current residence but im running out of room really fast. IM not saying i would build it now, but maybe in the near future, depending on price (Only have 112k to start out with). Now the type and size of a mega mall im talking about, is something similar to most. Meaning the tower looking ones such as 413, or 509 on smp1. Also i know Jeanzl has got a really good looking one. Just asking if anyone knows a price range.
  2. It depends on what kind of blocks you will use to build the mall, if you will buy them or mine/craft them yourself, how many items your planning to sell, ect.
  3. On smp5 the one im making, that im not done with took about 100k to build and stock (partially). Check it out at 11114.
  4. ( Jeanzl2000 was designed by me , Just saying .. :cool: )
    Doesnt cost much, the ones I build aren't too pricy
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