Mega Mall 1347 In Progress

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 8comimi, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Hello Empire of the Minecraft community. It is I, the person half of you don't know, 8comimi! Anyways, I was building a mega mall at the residence 1347 on SMP1, and I realized... I'm going to need a LOT of materials (witch I knew I would need). So I just created this thread to see if anyone would be willing to donate some stonebrick, glowstone, glass, dark blue wool, dark gray wool, and any other wool types. Now if I can finish the mega mall, I will have a big drop party there.

    Another reason for posting this thread, is because I'm trying to build the mall without spending any money what so ever. Please do not take this as begging if you think so. This is your own decision and I will be having a drop party either way. I appreciate any donations given to me from small to big. Once again, I am not begging, and an admin or moderator can take the thread down if it does count as begging because I am trying to do anything but beg. Anyways, thanks in advance and have a good day for whatever day you are reading this on. :D