Mega Auction for all 7 Diamond Pickaxe's

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  1. -The enchantments
    Unbreaking I
    (2 of ) Unbreaking II
    (2 of) Efficiency II
    Efficiency III
    Unbreaking III Efficiency II
    Total 7 Diamond Pickaxe's
    -Bid will start at 500 Must increase by 200

    -Bid ends 24 Hours after last bid. Must pick up after paying at Smp3 /v 6016
    -Any fake bids will result in you not participating in any of my other bids.

    Only Rupees.

    Auction Closed winner Importerer

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  2. 3,000 :)
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  3. 5,500
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  4. 7.3k
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  5. Sorry, I withdraw my bid (if that's allowed). Back to micman123 at 7k.
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  6. thats unfair if she is allowed to withdraw her bid
  7. I said if it is allowed. It's not like this is my first bid. I just decided I don't really need what is being auctioned. This auction is still going on anyway. I didn't wait til it was finished and change my mind.

    Doesn't matter anyway, Importerer bid :)
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  8. the next min bid has to be 200 more than the last so, 7.6 is invalid. try 7.7 skiip
  9. Must increase by 200
    So VSKiiPz bid doesnt exist so still winning with 7.5k bid Importerer

  10. i saw yesterday vSKiiP posted that post with 7.7k and today he deleted post.
    Its called fake biding... So your bets now will not be counted in others auction as well.