Meet The Admins

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Zoe_Yang, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. I'm making some animations that are parodies of TF2's Meet The Team.
    It is of the EMC admins. I need some voices though :)
  2. Of the actual admins or of EMC players?
  3. of the: Spy Scout Heavy Soldier

  4. What i ment was do you want the ACTUAL EMC admins to voice them or do you want EMC players to voice them?
    And if it's the second option, i'm open to do the spy :)
  5. Sorry :p Players :) I would like a recording though.
  6. meh most admins ignore me lol
  7. Best i could do is you tell me what i have to say, I record it and send it to you via-mail
  8. wat?
  9. You tell me over a PM what i have to say.
    I'll record me saying what you told me to say.
    I will send that video of me saying what you told me to say through and e-mail and you can extract the sound files and use them.
  10. oh lol ok :) im in the middle of finishing the script, it should be ready tomorrow sometime. thank you for volunteering :p