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  1. Hello, hello reader! I'm SleepyPK, a gamer and a proud member of the Empire.

    If you have seen me in-game, you know that I change skins from time to time. These periodical changes often confuse people, so watch out for my username, rather than my skin.
    These skins include, but are not limited to characters from video games, cinema, ect.

    Enough about Minecraft, let's get to know me. (To a reasonable extent.)
    I enjoy reading, video games, modding (Not online games.), science, and anime/manga.
    Some movies/games/tv shows I like are Resident Evil, Friday the 13th, Star Wars, Naoki Urasawa's Monster, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and many more.

    Don't forget to say Hi on EMC, and I hope we will have a good time in the Empire!
  2. im tclementi1

    im a mechanical and electrical engineer i work for nasa and pjd so i can help u out with redstone because i do know what im talking about add me on xbox live im: iRAINTMANSWAG
    yeah and im a robot building fanatic heres one i built and thats about me awesome robot.jpg i call it "my robot"
  3. I have had the same skin I put on when I bought the game. Actually scratch that I had Charlie Sheen on for a few weeks before I went to the TF2 red engineer :)

    How did you hear about EMC?
  4. whats ur favorite anime and hi! :)
  5. u work for nasa thats so cool
  6. yeah im the technological engineer/mechanical, and thanks
  7. To answer both questions, I heard of the EMC on the MC Server list on
    (What a creative title...)
    My favorite anime is Naoki Urasawa's Monster.
  8. Welcome to the Empire :)
  9. Likewise! Welcome!