Meet Ares!

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  1. Meet my new bearded dragon! His name is Ares.
    I got him about 2 weeks back but never made a thread about him because he didn't have a name. He is about 2 months old and he is already eating full size crickets somehow (Lives up to his name doesn't he?). His name is just perfect for 3 reasons:
    1.His brothers name is Leo. (Try to find why this is cool).
    2.He is already eating full size crickets.
    3.Ares is the god of war.
    4.Leo attacked him when they first met and Ares won somehow.
    He is about 5 or 6 inches long and likes to bite my IPod charger. That's pretty much it so here are some more pictures.
  2. looks exactly like mine!!!!!!!!!!
  3. he stares at the kitty like "You're next..."
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  4. I want one of these, they look so cool! :p
  5. They're great pets. Especially for beginners.
  6. Bearded Bump.

    They look wonderful :D I've always wanted a snake and/or a beardie... but unfortunately my mum couldn't afford the equipment and stuff last year - hell, she was struggling to pay the bills and I lost internet for 3 months at one point because my dad is on minimum wage. However, I did get 24 axolotl spawn, a tank and the correct equipment for them, and I raised them... I won't say well. 2 survived and they live on today :D
    They're about 20cm long now. They've got another 5-10cm to grow before they are most likely finished growing :p

    Good luck with your beardie :D
  7. Thanks. I was actually looking at getting a axolotl before i got these!
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  8. Poor computer... :p
  9. No, Kratos is the God of War!
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  10. I remember that we were doing a project on Greek Mythology, and one kid actually thought that Kratos was the god of war.
    And he did his project on Kratos.
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  11. Sounds like something I'd do. XD

    Of course, God of War is the best game series ever.