Meerkat Mall SMP8 Official Thread

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  1. $$$ Meerkat Mall $$$
    Local Player On SMP8 And In Need Of Things?
    The Meerkat Mall Is A Simple Mall For Buying and Selling (Depending on the item)

    EDIT: Progress will not be made in a month beacause I am away
    Currently, meerkatman1 Gets Around Less than 10 fps At The Mall. With No Signs Or Item Frames, 10 fps Means I Will Really Struggle with getting it done, Or The Case Might Be That Only 2 / 6 Sections Could Be Done. I do not really know.
    I Have Installed Optifine And Set the fastest settings. Its my Small Laptop. Hopefully I Could
    Get A Computer To Get It Done, So Please Bear With Me.

    Server: SMP8. Res: 16640. Tag: /v +mm

    There Are 6 Sections
    Red : Mob Drops. Green : Building Blocks.
    Black : Tools And Armour. Yellow: Food.
    Blue : Flowers And Natural. Purple : Wood Items.

    There Will Be Updates Down Below, And I Can Answer Questions Asap ;).
    A Big Thanks To SSRC Team For The Huge Glass Dome Ceiling!

    Thanks For Reading, Best Wishes -meerkatman1

    Please Donate :) Pay 100r or more and your name and amount you donated is down below here! (Let me know if you want to donate)
    (None at moment...cmon plz :D)
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  2. I wish you luck I am getting a good FPS there and the mall looks great!
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  3. Thank you very much Faith :D Its gonna have a nice entrance so i am collecting lapis
  4. Notice
    Have a idea / Design? Let me know and it might be used!
    You might even get payment of 500r if used and liked :)
  5. I have a few things you can copy from 17070 that are useful for malls - ask me for a guide in game and i will be happy to help :)
  6. Okie Dokie, ill see as soon as I can. Thanks for letting me know :D
  7. Another notice:
    One floor might be changed into misc items. Ill think about which one I want to change ;)
  8. Notice: Big update!
    • Finished Walls / windows
    • Finished Floor
    • Selling Voult Vouchers to the right side (Buy : 15k Sell : 12k)
    • Finished Entrance (Fountain with lapis path)
  9. I get a constant 140fps no drops whatsoever
  10. mmm....140fps oh my. Lucky you :D
  11. Gots tuh check this out
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