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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by meerkatman1, Aug 10, 2014.

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  1. At /v +mm smp8 16640 ... we have a griefer
    These are missing:
    Emerald Blocks
    Gold Blocks
    Pillar Quartz

    It may be ina mess. But I am currently hunting down staff
  2. Check who has build flags on your res and narrow the search down :)
  3. Not much we can do about Town griefings. Just don't give perms to people who might grief you :)
  4. /res default...
  5. Ya know I feel like it was redacted. I was pretending to be afk then looked in f5 and he mined a crafting table. I said you did it. Then he said "haha I wasen tme I only broke the table"
    And everytime I went and he was only guy on my res he would say someone greified!
    Then again he kept sayin "How can I im just a kid".
    And dont be always looking at res info, beacause I just made it so only SSRCcorp could build and he wasent on at that time. One more thing, rforrohit was the ONLY person who had build online at that time
  6. My idea is this: If staff can see who has broken certain blocks, then bam I got the person
    (Proof: Go to 16640 and you may see some anvils are gone)
  7. Closing thread. If you wish to report something/someone contact staff, and please don't publicly accuse people.
  8. Please don't accuse players on the forums unless there is 100% proof it was them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.