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  1. i'm bored and decided i wanna find players who love medieval role play. so... here i am finding players who love medieval role play! to start off, should this be a minecraft role play (easier) or a RL role play (harder)
  2. Ok, the brick is in a castle wall, dugeoneers, you must venture forth past the walls onto an adventure!
  3. dj__krazy the thief joins the battle sneaky...
  4. Roll the dice, and choose your path!
  5. ummmm 7, the left...
  6. The path you choose is the mountain path, filled with ogres all around. There is nothing on your character and there are only a few places to go. One is the stream running the oppisite direction of the path. Another is hay bales. What do you choose to do?
  7. Is the ogre path on a side on a mountain?
  8. Yes, with a stream running down the path going the other way.
  9. I sneak up the path (climb on top to do a sneak attack)....
  10. Brickstrike, It does seem like you may have hijacked this thread. You did not answer the OP's question, and quickly turned it into your own game? Maybe you should ask the OP if this is ok, but I believe he had different intentions for this thread than what you are using it for.
  11. ...
  12. Um... erm... I dunno what's roleplaying other than dungeon quests xD
    Sorry bout that, but the OP wasn't really clear on what to do ;3
    I guess if it were to be minecraft roleplaying, it could be something like "Oh hey a creeper blocks your path, what will you do?" or something. If it were to be entirely different, I think getting a good back ground story would help people understand what the thread is about. So, like a magic roleplay or that dragonia? :p

    Oh, and I'm not too sure this is actually a medieval roleplay thread, because this seems more like an interest check, which I am indeed very interested in :)
  13. But, to me the wording of it "I wanna find players who love medieval roleplay" sounds similar to, he wants to see if he would get interest on the roleplay itself. And then he asks about what the roleplay should be. So...
  14. So to that I would say

    'Yes I am interested, I would prefer a Minecraft RP over a RL RP'
  15. :p I'm special.
  16. wow... i made this like yesterday... thats alot of posts..... well now i dont know what to say... maybe... hmmm... lets do a vote. all for MC role play say I and all for RL role play say II

    i cant think of anything else to do...
  17. Could you explain what you mean by real life roleplay? Is that like pretending to be ourselves? Im a newbe at role play but I like the idea
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  18. kinda like what dj krazy was just doing
    except without dice you just... do stuff. but in a real life kinda fashion but midevil... i don't know what i'm saying! XD