[Media] You will laugh...

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  1. #Hilarious.
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  2. Haha, funny, operation 925 is a great CQ map as well
  3. Yea, I woke my mom up when he was in the bathroom... from loling so hard.
  4. That was soon funny. I love the toilet bit.
  5. I shall bump this..
  6. #NotReally.
  7. #HashBrowns :p
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  8. Fixed that for you...
  9. No I was talking about the character in the video..... how can you wake someone up in the bathroom?...
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  10. I don't know if you'll believe me but I swear I just saw that yesterday on the Trollarch Office channel. This is so weird.
  11. All I watch on youtube:
    • Trollarch Office
    • MinnesotaBurns
    • Youtubable
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  12. Eh, not really funny
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  13. I watch MinnesotaBurns, Trollarch Office, PewDiePie, and BlueXephos. What feels to me like 30 minutes is really an hour and a half or two.
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