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  1. my mini meat army!

  2. lol awe thats so cute :p
  3. Their cute... Except for the fact that they need to grow up! I need some beef and bacon!
  4. :p is all i have to say....
  5. dont u mean express?
  6. Hehe nice! Here is my meat farm.

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  7. The baby cows and pigs are cuter..... I hate chicken.
  8. Oh for sure. You definitely win for cute factor.
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  9. Those chickens annoy the crap out of me! I hate hate hate hate hate chickens and their annoying clucking!
  10. Haha yeah, it really starts to get to you after a while. What I do to fix that is kill all 200 of them by hand. It really lets out that tension caused by their infernal clucking.
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  11. this is my "mini" meat army now. LOL not so little is it? i could take down the sun.
  12. There's no point in breeding cows. Mooshrooms make everything cows make, plus they make mushroom soup.:cool:
  13. pff! i'll slaughter and breed all the moo moo's i want! i like beef ^.^ beef good! cows are cute, mooshrooms are not >.<
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  14. cows are so cute MURDER THEM ALL :eek::eek::)
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  15. I find it a bit funny whose name is chatting in the chat box and that this is about Meat.
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  16. I saw "meat", and I was gonna bust in the thread, without reading it, of course, in all caps "yelling" STEAKKK!!!
    But, I saw the picture. Way to ruin my fun.... :(
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  17. I left you some bowls for mushroom soup, if you saw.. :3
  18. Very friggin' funny.