Meanwhile in North Korea...

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  1. Oh let's do it, let's dance, let's dance across the floor!

  3. I find it very funny how the music goes well with the video :)
    Someone bring ISMOOCH here LOL! He will laugh!
  4. Oh it really is faked? You don't know what to expect with insane dictators. Thank god!
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  5. I didn't say it was fake ;) I just said the music went well with the marching :D
  6. Oh god oh god save us all!
  7. I lawled so hard at this.
  8. I nearly died laughing from this....
  9. This just one of those moments when Music and Actions meet as one
  10. This could only be better if it never ended, or if they were Russian.
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  11. xD That is hilarious.

    Before wetting your pants, if you click to watch the vid on youtube, look at tags "Kim Jong-il" who was in the video he died 17 December 2011. Kim Jong-Un is current leader.
  12. This makes me glad that I'm American!!!
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  13. Bu...bu...but... They have awesome Juche's like this! Trust me... it gets funky in there...
  14. What made you make this amazing thread??? Lawlz.
  15. I got bored... I YouTube'd "North Korea getting funky" and this came up... Lol... The things I search for.
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  16. Do ALL North Koreans have black hair....

    MEANWHILE.... in Russia.....

    Its official, Russia has the best army.
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  17. I have rarely seen Asians with any other hair color.
  18. What the heck were the guys doing shaking the pink and purple flowers.:p
  19. Thinks about it,

    OMG I don't know an Asians with not black hair!