Meanwhile, at my Utopia Residence

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by margaritte, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Looks like Aikar added flying to remove mob control xD
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  2. You've been LIMED? eh?

    Put a lime in the......
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  3. brother was screaming 'OH DEAR GOD' while I was reading through this thread...
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  4. Oh my goodness. I was at school today, and kids were walking down the hall singing that song, then the strictest high-school teacher ever, caught them, let's just say, they are righing something down as we speak, about 5,000 times. And, ISS.
  5. On a serious note, I've always wanted hostile mobs running around town. Sadly, there would be no way to keep players from bringing a creeper around.
  6. In the Yogscast's tekkit series, they have the explosions disabled. I suspect we could do the same, if the time comes for a good prank:p
  7. That is one big slime 0_0
  8. Maybe we could pay rupees to tame a hostile mob, much like a wolf. It would be pretty sweet having a pet creeper.
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  9. Yes yes yes! I want my Chris Creeper pet!
  10. Oh yes, nothing could go wrong there.

    "I tammed a creeper in the wild, but then when I got to my base, it bluw up. I h8 u aikar!!!!"
  11. Break obsidian with hands = best achievement ever!!
  12. A tamed mob would be peaceful; so a creeper would not blow up. And this would probably only be a town thing
  13. We all know how dumb people can be...

    "Du I hit a creeper wit a diamond sord to tame him??!? If i do, u broke itt!!!"