1. Dear future customers,

    M_bouman and I have created a company that we call ME Shops. This brand is based on several people selling a handful of items, but no 2 people selling the same, and therefore (eventually) creating a broad selection of items, among many small stores. We begin with both only having 1 store on our respective residences (see below). I hope to see you shopping. Please note: For the moment we only stock various colours of wool, charcoal, sand and cobblestone.


    SMP3-6345-Wool Shop: Orange, red, blue, white, cactus green and yellow wool: 10r/16 pieces. (Manager: m_bouman)
    SMP3-7345-Base Materials: Charcoal (35r/32 pieces), Sand (25r/stack), Cobblestone (25r/stack). (Manager: EukkaLyptuzz)

    Both shops buy their stock, however in two different ways, so please see the shops for more details.

    Hope to serve you!

    P.S. As some of you may have seen before, this thread will later be converted into an online notice board.